Norfolk Ceilidhs

The Ceilidh Bands



Beatroot have played many times at Kier Hardy and Norfolk ceilidhs and bring jazz, rock and global influences to traditional tunes.

FairGreen Ceilidh Band


The FairGreen Ceilidh Band brings together the talents of 4 very experienced East Anglian musicians to play an eclectic mix of lively traditional music from English, Irish, Scottish, American and European origin.



Fendragon are a ceilidh band based in Cambridge, UK, who play traditional English folk music, with some Irish, Scottish, French and American influences.


A four piece ceilidh band with fiddle, accordion, piano and double bass. Traditional tunes from across Europe, with improvisation. Freshly produced, organic, local musicians.


The Hosepipe Band

Hosepipe Band

The band's repertoire is a mixture of traditional dance tunes from the British Isles and from other European countries, and their own compositions.

The Keel Band

keelband Keel Band

Performing a mix of Old World to New World folk music, the band's style is characterised by up-tempo jigs, reels, hornpipes & punchy marches through to sensitive ballads & rousing shanties

The Marisca Trio


The Marisca Trio play an eclectic mix of world music including tunes from New England, Canada, Shetlands, Scotland, Ireland, Northumbria and Eastern Europe. We provide great tempo for ceilidh dances with a line up of fiddles and traditional piano accompaniment. We also provide music for parties and theatrical productions, including regular performances for Sacré Theatre productions.



Pendragon are one of the region's longest established country dance bands. They play an eclectic range of music from Europe and beyond using arrangements which encompass the purely traditional to the distinctly funky. 



The band specialises in mordern folk dance music, played on wind instruments, violin, melodeon and guitar.

Stumpy Oak

Stumpy Oak

Stumpy Oak present a rhythmic, frenetic performance of tunes from across the British Isles featuring a line-up of fiddle, accordion, flute, guitar, bodhran and stomp box

The Triangle Band

Triangle Band

An impressive nine piece ceilidh band, featuring fiddles, percussion, hurdy gurdy, banjo, cello, recorder, flutes, bouzouki, whistle and guitar.

The Valiant Dance Band

Valiant Band

The Valiant Dance Band continues the tradition of distinctive ceilidh dance bands from the eastern counties.

The line-up of Katie Howson (melodeon), Liz Giddings (fiddle), Roger Digby (anglo concertina), Rob Neal (cello) and John Howson (banjo) has created a band that plays unusual and danceable tunes with the conviction which only comes from years of total immersion in traditional music.

Over the years members have played in some of England’s most influential ceilidh bands including The Old Hat Dance Band, Flowers and Frolics, The English String Band, PolkaWorks, Tickler’s Jam and Katie’s Quartet.



Norfolk Ceilidh and Barndance Band, Playing English, Irish, Scottish and American dance tunes and songs.



Based in the wilds and wetlands of the Norfolk Broads UK, Willowspin plays traditional folk, and ceilidhs / barn dances - energetic reels, jigs, hornpipes, airs and other tunes from all parts of the UK.



Ceilidhs International Style with Zaramo, a Norfolk based 4 piece dance and ceilidh band. We are Sebastiana Black vocals accordion Birgitta Campbell caller fiddle recorder Kim Redshaw djembe John Firmin accordion guitar mandolin.